Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just beginning

Many of my family and friends have been blogging for awhile and I enjoy seeing what is happening in their lives and thought I should have something like this. I don't see my life as especially interesting but I do want to create a chronicle so I can look back and remember what I was feeling at a particular time, what interesting things occurred and so my children can see what I found important and will definitely see how they are at the top of that list.
I have been a salesman my entire career. I started out selling men's clothing and then went into retail sales management. After 20 years in retail I made the switch to tech sales and thus began to travel. I have had the opportunity to visit most of the 50 states and believe this is a chosen nation. I have had many adventures and have had the chance to meet many people. Everyone truly has a story worth telling. I have had the chance to talk to CEOs and bathroom attendants. I have spent time listening to rock stars and homeless people. The stories are fascinating and I have learned a lot. I thank everyone for sharing their lives with me and helping to reinforce that we are all God's children and we should look out for and love one another. If we meet I look forward to your story.